Change the Language

Monday, 30 April 2012

Play? Play! play! play!

Anyone remember Nugent the dog from Over the Hedge? Here we have a more reserved version.
  Romana tried so hard to give Gloriana that ball. The big dog puppy is a bit much for Glori yet. 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The kitten has landed!

 Glory has been bouncing back since her flight from Florida Tuesday. Lots of time purring, sleeping, and pouncing solo in a room with just one or two people. She doesn't seem to mind people. The dogs and cats still kind of tweak her tail. This morning she graduated from shut door to baby gate and Fiona jumped right in. They have been circling each other slowly, with the occasional rumble when one gets too close. Now Glory is behind my monitor, Fi is on the fleecy bed, and Vadar pug is snoring away. He was feeling most deprived stuck away from his spot (aka. my lap). Romana even made a short visit for lab puppy sniffing fun. She's such a good pup, no charging, no barking, just a friendly long nose that gets pulled back when the kitten warns her off.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Welcome Glory

It's been a busy while since I last posted. We've gone to our first cat show, gotten our first memberships and cattery name from three of the main cat registries, gotten our business name registered, and gotten a web domain ( But best of all, we've added a second lady to our household.  Meet Rivendell's Gold -n- Glory of Soft Kitty.  She's not here yet, but will be arriving the 24th. We're so excited!