Change the Language

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

One of the gang

We'd originally worried that the dogs would be too much for Fiona. Our two pugs and lab mix mutt are a boisterous bunch.  After her arrival Leia took one look at the orange fuzz ball and claimed her as her "puppy". Grooming her, driving off any other dog or cat that looked at her crossed eyed, following her around everywhere, they were inseparable.  Now Fi's one of the gang.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Recipe for sleeplessness

The boys drove up north to a gaming convention yesterday.
  •  They didn't make it home until the wee hours.
  • Throw in that it was even later with daylight savings. 
  • Then top that off with Fiona. 
She'd missed them. They'd been gone forever and obviously hadn't had proper chance to fill their Ragamuffin adoration quota yet. They got the full cutie pie greeting. Fi followed them around chirping hello and handing out ankle hugs. When Michel tried to turn in she and Romana were competing for the end of the bed. Forty five pounds of puppy ends up sleeping off to the side on a blanket because the kitten rules the roost.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Learning new things

Today Fiona discovered two important things. One is that fingers tasting like people food are good for nibbles, and the other is where I stash my yarn. My knitting may never be the same.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Welcome to Soft Kitty Cattery

Jen and I would like to say a friendly "Hello" to everyone and introduce Fiona.  Fi is a red tabby and white purebred Ragamuffin. She makes grown men squee with her cute-fu. My husband, son, friends, and random delivery people have been melted into submission by her. Upon her fluffy shoulders sit our hopes and dreams of starting a small cattery. She is our first Queen.

We were looking into showing her at an upcoming cat show on the 17th, but the amount of paperwork and memberships needed stymied us. Never let it be said that there was no work involved in cat fancy!
I've been filling out forms to join so many groups, so I could join other groups, just to be official.  But Fiona's worth every carbon triplicate. We want to do things right for our girl. With any luck we can get breed recognition for Muffins with the C.C.A.  and start showing her before long.