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Friday, 23 November 2012

Wild and wonderful world show

Late, late, late, I know. My husband was hording the picture on his iPad. But here they are at last, Diego and Fiona at the CFA world show in Columbus Ohio.  They are hanging out in their Sturdi pop up. Fiona finally relaxed the second day and was more mellow than I've ever seen her at a show. And it was an big show. There were near a thousand cats with a echoing hall ,a P.A. system that sounded like Charlie Brown teacher speak and a gym meet across the partition. I feared she'd be curled in the back of the tent the whole time but she actually started coming out of her shell. Maybe we just need exhibiting practice. 
What really made the trip was getting to met Laura , Lynn and Robin, fellow RagaMuffin breeders. And we got to hug new 'Muffins. Bonus!