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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Incredible Journey

        February 24th I flew down to Tampa to spend some time with Judi Morrison, of Rivendell Rags. Judi's a wonderful lady who not only entrusted us with our first two Ragamuffin kittens, Fiona and Glory, but also has been kind enough to be our mentor.  We had great fun visiting  with one another, talking about cats, and best of all, playing with cats.

     These are some of her girls, Sissy, Rose, Missy, and Patsy waiting for breakfast.  The time went by too fast!  There is nothing like learning first hand. Last night Betsy, a lovely blue patched tabby and white came back with me. (I'll post some pictures of her when she's settled in) We played hopscotch with stormy weather up the east coast but made it back safe.