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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

¡Ay, caramba, he's cute!

   Scallywag Rags Don Diego had made it home to Soft Kitty Cattery.  He's such a wonder kitten. He wasn't scared leaving home after one initial moment of "Ahhhh! Outdoors!" The Sturdi pop up was disdained and he rode in style across my sons shoulders. No car fear, no worry about shut doors. Now he's a Canadian too, having made it over the border. Welcome to Ontario Diego!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Canadian Muffins

I'm very happy to say, RagaMuffins are now CCA recognized! I got this email today, such good news!


It is with pleasure that the Standards Committee announces the acceptance of
the RagaMuffin (LH) into Championship status of CCA.
Final approval of the standards was given on Wednesday, August 8 by the CCA
Board of Directors. A 60 day waiting period is required before the RagaMuffin can compete for points or titles (October 7, 2012).

In the meantime, breeders/owners of these breeds are allowed to enter and
present their kittens, cats, or alters at CCA shows in the New Breed class.
This would allow judges to familiarize themselves with the breed prior to
the official recognition date of October 7, 2012. Regular entry fees are
required. No finals or points are awarded during this 60 day waiting period.

Please cross-post this announcement to other breed/cat lists you may belong

Elaine Gleason