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Friday, 9 March 2012

Welcome to Soft Kitty Cattery

Jen and I would like to say a friendly "Hello" to everyone and introduce Fiona.  Fi is a red tabby and white purebred Ragamuffin. She makes grown men squee with her cute-fu. My husband, son, friends, and random delivery people have been melted into submission by her. Upon her fluffy shoulders sit our hopes and dreams of starting a small cattery. She is our first Queen.

We were looking into showing her at an upcoming cat show on the 17th, but the amount of paperwork and memberships needed stymied us. Never let it be said that there was no work involved in cat fancy!
I've been filling out forms to join so many groups, so I could join other groups, just to be official.  But Fiona's worth every carbon triplicate. We want to do things right for our girl. With any luck we can get breed recognition for Muffins with the C.C.A.  and start showing her before long.

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